Political Justice is No Justice At All

If you, like me, are sick to death of people on both the left and the right being called Nazis. Then you know that to this point, most of these have been mere inaccurate epithets. I have been shaken in recent days by this. It is an excerpt from a legal document issued by a Military judge in Nazi Germany. The full document is quoted in the remarkable book The Good Old Days: The Holocaust as Seen by Its Perpetrators and Bystanders. The document is guidance issued in a case against an SS soldier being tried for shooting Jews without official authorization.

The most important factor to consider when deciding whether and how to punish men for shooting Jews who have not been ordered or authorized to do so is the motive for this action.
(1) Execution for purely political motives shall result in no punish-ment, unless punishment is necessary for the purpose of maintaining order. If the latter is the case, according to the case in question the defendant should be judged under section 92 or 142 of the MStGB, or some other disciplinary punishment should be enforced.
(2) Men acting out of self-seeking, sadistic or sexual motives should be punished by a court of law and, where applicable, on charges of murder or manslaughter.
Court personnel and courts involved in such cases are asked duly to note these guidelines.

This document is a Letter from hell. Imagine the context. From the very bowels of the most vile regime, this validation of political murder brings the entire mystery of what happened to the World in the 1930s and 1940s into stark relief. Innocent men women and children, robbed of all their possessions, could be rounded up by the millions. Herded like livestock- no treated worse than livestock in filthy rail cars sometimes for days without sanitation or water, they were so overcrowded that lying down to rest in the filth or even sitting down was to be resigned to death by trampling. Then, some were forced into massive trenches and shot. Others were gassed to death by engine exhaust in sealed box trucks. Most, though, were killed in giant gas chambers and burned like industrial waste. They were beaten by guards, terrorized and harried by dogs the whole way. And here this august legal scholar, calmly and without any passion or regret is setting out the bland framework for keeping the whole savage enterprise working- to, as he put it, “maintain order”. And what, in his opinion, would excuse the cold-blooded murder of a Jew? He says what all good Nazis would say, a “purely political motive” absent “self seeking, sadistic or sexual motives”. As if it were possible for a human being to be that pure that sadism and perversion do not have anything to do with murder of innocents.

This is a plea to my friends who are Democrats and supporters of Joe Biden to please consider where your leaders are taking us. Lest anyone think I am comparing Democrats to Nazis; not to worry! I am here to tell you that the leaders of the Democrat Party are worse by all but one measure. Where the Nazis hated anyone who was not an Aryan German- their own countrymen, todays Democrats despise the majority of Americans and want to replace them. The Nazis felt their culture and people were superior to everyone else and should rule the world. The Democrats feel embarrassed by the earned success and word dominating culture and economy of the American experiment and have set out to degrade it. Of course the embarrassment does not extend to their own wealth and power- that’s ok – on the basis of their politics. Starting to see the pattern here?

When I first began this piece I thought perhaps the exception was that they have not, up to now at least, employed direct mass murder. But that is only unless you consider turning a blind eye to the hundreds of thousands white working and middle class American citizens whose fentanyl deaths they have facilitated by opening the southern border. We might also consider the lockdown of the economy and that spread the destruction of the dreams and hard work of the owners of small businesses while big corporations prospered. Then they insured more chaos as they fed trillions of newly printed currency into the sick economy until bloated banks could no longer respond to the changes when the economy began to regularize. So, well, I guess there goes that exception.

Look down the road, my Democrat friends, What is coming is not the salvation of humanity by stemming Climate Change. They have been predicting Climate disaster for decades and every prediction has failed spectacularly. No, what they are leading us to, purely politically, to quote the Nazi, is Globalization. One world, under one government with, plenty of electricity well, plenty while the when the sun is shining and the wind is blowing), enough insects to eat and you confined to “15 minute cities” other wise known as concentration camps.

This is not an empty epithet. The spirit of the Nazi is alive in our land and the leadership of the Democrat party are in its thrall. I know you, my friend and neighbor, are not one of those but please know that a vote for Joe Biden has allowed them to damage us and the damage is not just political. It is real and it is spiritual. Just look at the decline of the birth rate, the denigration of our shared pride in who we are. Their minions even encourage or babies, children, and young men and women to squander their energy and creativity in the squalid pursuit of gender bending and self mutilation instead of studying and working.

If you don’t agree with every bit of it, if you insist on being Politically Incorrect to any degree, they threaten you with shunning and loss of your livelihood. They will do worse too. On January 6th of 2021 they inflated the demonstration of agonized disbelief in the election into an unconstitutional political imprisonment of the trespassers and “paraders’ many of whom were rounded up and are still in jail after more than two years without trial or any chance of redress. It is a political punishment. It is unconstitutional.

And now the political persecution of Donald Trump. Even the most liberal person who dislikes the former president and disagrees with him on almost everything must see that this feeble, legally unfounded case is a fraud. One such person in Alan Dershowitz who has suffered financial loss and social enmity for saying so publicly. Above all, it is warning to all of us. If they can do it to Alan Dershowitz, Donald Trump and theJanuary 6th protesters, they can do it to you. Political justice is no justice at all.

Here is the lesson that the above Nazi document taught me: In the end, a person who is swallowed by an ideology becomes a monster. If that ideology becomes a political movement, the monster becomes part of a mob, then a horde. Look at yourself, please. I know you. All you have to do is disagree with them. Say it out loud. Most of all, do not allow yourself to think that an injustice is permissible on political grounds. That way lies hell.


One thought on “Political Justice is No Justice At All

  1. Let’s pray that “the pen is still mightier than the sword”. We struggle here in Eretz Yisroel. Moadim L’Simcha.


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