The Joint Chiefs Should Salute – Then Follow

You Want a Leader? Here’s a Leader

I am sure that Lt Col. Sheller knew that he was literally calling on his superiors to can him. His point is that all of the Joint Chiefs and many below them knew better than to do what the failed, corrupt politicians wanted them to do. THEY SHOULD HAVE RESIGNED rather than carry out the plan.But Milley et al showed themselves to be vile careerist toadies not leaders of integrity. Eisenhower warned us about this in his farewell address. Those compliant generals and admirals will retire to corporate board positions and wallow in wealth every dollar of which is tainted with the blood of fine, idealistic men like Stuart Scheller.

Those who are concentrating on blaming the addled crook in the White House and his coterie of Progressive sappers are missing a more important point. The Joint Chiefs are more guilty than they. We know what those political charlatans are. We should have been able to rely on good generals to fall on their swords and retire before obeying such obviously idiotic orders. They knew they were putting this disaster into motion and sent those people into harm’s way knowing there would be murder. What makes it worse is that they did it out of careerist greed. They want to live out their their corrupt lives with sinecures in the military industrial complex. That is the reason so many active and retired officers are so spinelessly woke. They sold out the people they lead. It only remains to see how many will die. Unless we stand up and insist on justice they will retire, take corporate or government positions and never have a thought for those whose blood taints every dollar and stock option.

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