Political Justice is No Justice At All

If you, like me, are sick to death of people on both the left and the right being called Nazis. Then you know that to this point, most of these have been mere inaccurate epithets. I have been shaken in recent days by this. It is an excerpt from a legal document issued by aContinue reading “Political Justice is No Justice At All”

The Joint Chiefs Should Salute – Then Follow

I am sure that Lt Col. Sheller knew that he was literally calling on his superiors to can him. His point is that all of the Joint Chiefs and many below them knew better than to do what the failed, corrupt politicians wanted them to do. THEY SHOULD HAVE RESIGNED rather than carry out theContinue reading “The Joint Chiefs Should Salute – Then Follow”

Mr. “You Didn’t Build That” Throws a Party

You might have heard that there was a party on Martha’s Vineyard over the weekend. While many commentators have made good, well reasoned points about the incongruity of the maskless celebration of privilege, the flagrant hypocrisy and unselfconscious opulence of the occasion, I think the greatest irony has been, largely, missed.You see, Mr Obama hasContinue reading “Mr. “You Didn’t Build That” Throws a Party”

Beware the Ideology Pimps

The politicians, corporation executives, media personalities and activists who are trying to move the United States toward Globalism and Democratic Socialism are heartless careerists and power hungry con artists. they are selling collectivism. Call it what you like, social justice, anti-fascism or woke, all forms of collectivism are just suave modern cousins to murderous CommunismContinue reading “Beware the Ideology Pimps”

Lincoln, for Trump, For the People

Abraham Lincoln would be on Trump’s side. In his address to Congress on the third of December, 1861 Lincoln outlined how he saw the cultural forces that were dividing The Union. He was crystal clear on what was at stake. As he put it. “It continues to develop that the insurrection is largely, if notContinue reading “Lincoln, for Trump, For the People”

The Fight Will Continue

Note: This Post is live on American Thinker- With thanks to AT! The presidential election of 2020 has revealed America’s present state of social and spiritual chaos. It has also cast light on the paths we might choose going into the future. While we wait for the Georgia senatorial runoff that will begin that futureContinue reading “The Fight Will Continue”