Red Sun Rising

There has been a chilling avatar in the sky here in Boston and all along the northern swath of the U.S.. The midday sun has been turned red and the sky filled with a foul haze due to the huge wild fires out west. They (you know who they are) try to blame it on climate change whereas the real cause is the ignorant, emotionally infantile management of forestry that has held sway as Progressives have assumed the arrogant position that they can control everything – including nature. They have put out and suppressed the small brush fires so long that there is now enough fuel built up to incinerate the trees and the soil itself. This is the perfect metaphor for what is happening to our politics. The whole January 6th inquisition and the destruction of civic order and republican balance of the last year are burning off the very soil in which the republic is rooted. There is indeed a red sun rising.
The saddest thing is that even they don’t believe in these absurd and nihilistic ideas they stand behind. They are pathetic self hating careerists. As with the communist apparatchiks of Russia and China and the Nazis of the Third Reich, most of them are internally humiliated by the lies and idiocies (equity, CRT, BLM, open borders, diversity is our strength, pregnant fighter pilots, transgender bathroom access, etc..,) they repeat. They are demeaning themselves for personal gain and power- and then projecting the hatred and pain outward. It’s not that they don’t care about our Western Civilization its that they hate what they have become and blame the culture that set them free to become it.

This is covered elsewhere at American Digest and Neo Neo Con

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