Mr. “You Didn’t Build That” Throws a Party

You might have heard that there was a party on Martha’s Vineyard over the weekend. While many commentators have made good, well reasoned points about the incongruity of the maskless celebration of privilege, the flagrant hypocrisy and unselfconscious opulence of the occasion, I think the greatest irony has been, largely, missed.
You see, Mr Obama has turned the ultimate trick of the socialist oppressor. Has spent his public career telling hard working productive people (Joe the Plumber was only the prototype for you and me) that they don’t deserve to keep all of what they earn and create because we need to “share the wealth”. All the while, he has risen to the very pinnacle of status and wealth without ever having built anything himself. Having been handed everything in his career, from affirmative action educational opportunities, to a no-show, no-publish editorial post at the Harvard Law Review, up to and including two terms as the guilt-offering, Nobel Prize for showing up, worst ever (until his addled puppet, Biden!) president of the United States, he now, has somehow come by millions upon millions of dollars and basks in the adulation of sophisticates, performers and socialist agitators.
Just think on that the next time you look at the FICA column on your pay stub, or write your quarterly estimated payment to the IRS. For that matter, how about when you pay inflated prices for the gasoline you need to get to work because they hate fossil fuels. Think about it especially when you watch as our citizenship is cheapened, diluted and stolen by uncontrolled immigration. Don’t you resent it when any reasonable complaint you have results in you being accused of being a racist- or do you just try to ignore it? Do you even feel, anymore, the indignity of being forced to wear a mask, put unreliably tested bio-active vaccinations into your body and forego your parties and funerals? Have you given up resenting that you have to fight to protect the rights that our constitution granted us at the founding of the nation?
“You didn’t build that”, Obama and his party people did. And now he has everything and you don’t. That, my friend, is what socialism does. Party On!

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