Someone Must Pay

Max Soviak

The squared away young man in this picture is Max Soviak. I didn’t know Max but I know a young man very like him. I have a son who graduated high school the same year as Max. My son has a picture exactly like this one. All Navy Corpsmen do. It’s the picture they send home to their parents when they graduate from basic training.

I was overwhelmed with pride when I got my copy. So now, I have just a tiny inkling of what Max’s parents might be feeling on the news that Max has been murdered. He has been murdered in the worst possible way. I am not talking only about the savage explosion and hail of gunfire in the sneak attack and suicide bombing. I am referring to the murderously idiotic approach President Biden and his incompetent military stooges in the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

This is not complicated. The withdrawal from Afghanistan as it has been carried out is the disastrous equivalent of sawing off a tree limb while you, your family and all your friends are sitting on the limb. They killed Max and countless others with whom I do not have such a reason to identify.

Make no mistake. for all his befuddled statements about hunting down those who did this, Joe Biden has no intention of really owning his incompetence and resposibility. Biden, The Generals and Admirals and the Democrat party as a whole have now either destroyed The United States of America or we must hold them all to account for this.

3 thoughts on “Someone Must Pay

  1. Treason – to not only Murder our own soldiers, but to give the names of Americans and allies to a known Terrorist Army, and for dessert, they ARM and Equip that same Terrorist Army with the latest and Greatest Military equipment that the American Taxpayer can be forced to fund.

    As bad and Evil as the Political Royalty that dreamed up this disaster obviously are, the ones who should be drawn and quartered are the Military Leadership of of Armed Forces.
    Who by trade and training knew EXACTLY how TREASONOUS these actions by the Political Royalty (Of both Parties) were and also KNEW that they would result in the Murder of Armed Forces Personnel under their Command.

    The current Leadership of the Armed Forces should fall on their swords (LITERALLY) and would if they had any shred of honor. Which means of course that we will never see that happen.

    Since Milley and crew will NOT take the honorable path,
    Then the country must hold these Traitors to account for what they have done to those who serve,
    The country they supposedly serve,
    and every single Allie who has been betrayed for being Stupid enough to help this country.


  2. This is what a people gets from an unquestioning acceptance of the expertise and wisdom of a class of people who have credentials but have accomplished nothing, done nothing, experienced nothing. Just as those who can do and those who can teach. Our experts have been revealed as the most incompetent and foolish among us.


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