Who Are We Now?

Who Are We Now?

Every great cause begins as a movement, becomes a business, and eventually degenerates into a racket.

Eric Hoffer

Eric Hoffer had it right about great movements but he need not have limited the idea only to great movements. There is a movement afoot in America today that has been a Racket from its very inception. This movement has declared itself to be in opposition to greatness. It has slandered greatness, calling it racism, white-supremacy, xenophobia, and theft. It is a movement cloaked in mystery. It has intentionally hidden its real meaning from the world. The Democrat party is at the center of that cloud of mystery. The Obama campaign characterized it as “Hope and Change”. Hope for what and Change to what were never specified. Hillary was too specific in the “I’m With Her” slogan. The Biden campaign called it “Build Back Better” the alliteration of nothingness. In any case, the Democrat Party has demanded that we believe that they are “Who We Are”.

As it turns out, all this movement needs do to smear and destroy anyone who opposes its “progress”, is to say “That’s not who we are”. That insidious non-sequitur has been used to compel huge numbers of people to at least pretend to believe that some very normal and reasonable beliefs that were universally accepted only years of months ago are not just wrong but outside the pale of acceptable humane ideation- “not who we are”. Here is a partial list of those ideas:

  1. It is the right of a sovereign nation to maintain control of its borders 
  2. There are two genders, male and female not withstanding a natural range of gender confidence or dysphoria 
  3. The wish to have a means to keep public washrooms from being used by sexual predators to prey on women and children
  4. That people who work hard to succeed should be able to keep, protect and enjoy the fruits of their efforts
  5. Not every black male that is shot by a policeman is a victim of systemic racism even if he was in the act of endangering other black people, black police officers or even white people
  6. Looting of retail stores and violent vandalism against public monuments are not “understandable reactions” and need to be punished
  7. Small and privately owned businesses should never be driven out of business and otherwise sacrificed to test unproven and unscientific theories of pandemic management
  8. The educational system from top to bottom should be a place of free exchange of ideas not indoctrination and safe spaces from scary ideas.

If any of these ideas in this list makes you in the least bit uneasy, you are not “who we are”. 

This is an artificially created “Movement” that is designed to already be a racket without having to evolve as Hoffer described. You don’t feel comfortable with the government raising your taxes to pay for medical care, food and shelter for millions of people who came and will continue to come to this country illegally? Well, THAT”S NOT WHO WE ARE, you xenophobe! 

If it seems illogical, that these ideas might be championed by our leaders and elites, then you are not seeing through the mystery they have cloaked it in.

This is how it works. You get to feel ashamed as they take your money and control more and more until they are overseeing every aspect of your life. Oh, and they get rich by thievery, collusion and scratching each other’s backs without any fear of punishment or, even embarrassment. That will be “who we are”- if we allow it to continue.

I do believe that enough of us saw this all clearly enough in this last election that we did give president Trump a big victory and that the victory was fraudulently perverted by those racketeers in the media, elites and governmental establishment who want to determine and control who we are. If the election cannot be salvaged legally, we are in for a rough time. Because I am hoping that accepting that theft really is not “Who We Are” yet.


5 thoughts on “Who Are We Now?

  1. It’s well beyond time to compile a list of these lefties. Every day I find more and more hidden connections between people on the left. News people married to government officials. People appointed to jobs and you ask why and then find out who they are connected to. These sociograms would be very helpful in understanding what is going on. Not for me to do. I don’t know enough people, but the staff of a conservative politician could sure do it. It’s time for that database.


  2. FIXED: ‘The Democrat wing of the (wholly criminal, seditious, treasonous) D.C. Uniparty is at the center of that cloud of mystery.’


  3. #2. There are two sexes. Sex is related to biology. Gender has to do with language and culture. Some languages, German and Spanish as examples, have more than two genders. Quit debasing the language by using “gender” when you mean “sex”.


  4. Look to the people running the departments, confirmed or not, to see the “We” in “Who We Are” and you will see whether they are the ChiComs like we are being told… or not.


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