Trump the Omertà Buster

Omertà is a lie- the lie of silence. It derives from a Sicilian word umiltà, which means humility- in the sense of subjecting one’s self to a code of secrecy and feigned ignorance. It is never practiced for honorable or decent reasons. It is the rock that ugly things are hidden under. It is a credo of gangsters and racketeers. Politics is never more than a few steps away from racketeering. When Omertà is in play there is a racket present – you can count on it. And Omertà is everywhere in our politics these days. Our public discourse is blocked and bloated with a constipating mass of subjects that are forbidden- The correctness Omertà. Every one of those unspeakable subjects is the marker of a racket that is protected by the silence. 

From time to time an arrogant politician will try to create a protective Omertà around of their own. They do this by trying to create the impression that anyone who disagrees with them is in some way invalid or defective. This is what Hillary was caught doing with her “deplorables” remark. As singularly unsuccessful as that particular attempt was, it was a visible and instructive instance of the wide-spread and very successful protective Omertà that made it impossible for pollsters to do an accurate assessment of the elections of 2016 and, I believe, confounding them again in this election year. 

There are many others but here I want to talk about The Ultimate Level of Omertà. The barnacled, algae encrusted hull that all the others cling to.

The deepest and most dishonest level of Omertà is the one that produces the persona of The Public Servant. It is axiomatic that politicians may go into politics penniless but the great majority of them leave office with a great deal of wealth and power. The longer they serve and the higher in government they rise, the richer they get. It works on both sides of the party divide but the greatest irony is among the Democrats. The spectacle of, even the avowed socialists like Bernie Sanders, a man who never had a real job until he became the mayor of Burlington, Vermont, making millions on his and his wife’s political connections and real estate shenanigans. Is only the most obviously preposterous example. 

A more immediate and important example is Joe Biden. Mr Biden has parlayed his bland, squinty-eyed persona and remarkably corruptible morals into a nearly 50 year career in the politics and a fabulous lifestyle. He had been widely acknowledged to be an facile and prolific liar by even the liberal media before being nominated to challenge the Trump presidency, but he is now surrounded and supported by a cocoon of Omertà spun by that same media. 

I’ll leave aside, with only this mention, the belittling and betrayal of Tara Reade. After all, the media have long since realized that that one backfired on them when the vast majority of the victims of that righteous inquisition turned out to be Democrats and their contributors.

This is the most corrosive Omertà- the willful creation of an image of a person that keeps his real nature, and thus his deeds, hidden. The result is that he gets to proclaim himself a “Public Servant” while primarily servicing himself and his family- a “Self Servant” if you will. 

The mountains of emails and insider testimony now coming to light about his son’s “business ventures” and his connection to them reveal the result of this kind of Omertà. If nobody bothers to figure out who a politician really is, or notices even when he is careless and obvious, he will almost always become arrogant and greedy. 

All Joe has had to do all these years is appear amiable and repeat platitudes about making life better and more equal. His pandering to credit card companies, deals in Iraq and junkets to Ukraine and China elicited questions from only a few brave souls like Peter Schweitzer and John Solomon who the rest of the media sequestered and ignored. They are ignoring still. Save for pronouncing it a Russian fake or “a waste of time” they give the whole corrupt subject a severe leaving alone. 

The Omertà of “The Public Servant” image has protected Mr Biden very well until now. It has portrayed him as a nice guy and a friend of “the little guy”. Even as his family grew rich and, in the process, compromised the interests of the country. That image, created and protected, by his cadre in the media keeps the logical questions suppressed. Let’s just name a few: 

Why did he take his drug addicted 50 year old son with him on Air Force Two to China and other places and who paid the expenses?

Where did an utter failure like Hunter get the ideas for all of those scams?

How did Joe get rich on a Senatorial Salary that ws never more than $174,000 a year?

If you ask those questions are you impugning a fine and honorable “Public Servant”? The media have loaded up the image barricade so that you know that is how you will appear. But, while the media serve their own political ideology by protecting Joe and his family (and the Clintons before them), who is watching out for the rest of us? 

What the Bidens have done is not a victimless crime. They have contributed to the erosion of our country and our people. With their complicity (or conspiracy!) to sell off (and allow the theft of!) intellectual property to competitors and possible military adversaries, they have impoverished and endangered us all.

How to End the Omertà

As I wrote, this happens on both sides of the political divide and that is the very reason that President Trump is hated and feared even by many in his own party. He is not of that ilk. He is much more than a “Public Servant”. He is an authentic individual who has no need to rig his position for “Self Service”. He has promised to exposed the racket that public service has become and he has made a fair start at it. He is not pretending to be bland and folksy while making out like a bandit as Joe Biden has done. He is not, like Kamala, a pampered daughter of College professors pretending to be a “down-with-it” African American who erupts in hollow laughter at nothing funny. Everything he says is open and sincere and thereby dangerous to the phony “servants” around him and their confected personae. He is the Omertà Buster.

He explodes media pretense with every thing he does. His advisors have been consistently wrong in advising him to change his style. He doesn’t care if you see the real Donald Trump because he is real- not servile. He has kept his promises. He has led us to a level of prosperity that others wanted us to believe was not possible. He is our best hope to get rid of the servile thieves that have come to infest our government and all of our public life- to end the Omertà. 

Here is the ultimate irony – Trump, unlike Obama and Biden, is the Real Hope and Change. All hail the Omertà Buster.

3 thoughts on “Trump the Omertà Buster

  1. Overzealous? We should have strung up communists, and still should. Not nearly zealous enough. Marxists create nothing but death and suffering. Excise the cancer or die.


  2. well said, well done. and, quite true. you might add one more act of such people, that is the pre-emptive strike lie, in which one accuses his opponent of the very acts he himself is performing, in order to better define the battle ground in his favor. i always figure that if a democrat accuses someone of some perfidy, he is in fact guilty of it himself.



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